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Searching for a motor

After the first few problems with the microwave engine, and with a prototype partially assembled, we must adjust and find materials again. It’s time to be engineers: We return to the blackboard!

Our goal is to identify elements that anyone has at their fingertips. We need to think of common objects that have valuable pieces to build OxyGEN in places where finding electronic components or 3d printers is unthinkable and where time will be scarce.

One of the elements that we worry about is the motor; We need torque, but it is not feasible to build a large gearbox to meet speed requirements, this complicates the idea of taking advantage of parts from common small appliances. We start searching among our contacts, exposing the challenge to see what ideas they can come up with. The folks at Zocama give us a hint: using a wiper motor.

But Barcelona is in quarantine. It is hard to order parts or dismantle a car. We are warned that someone has an old RENAULT Ambulance (a beautiful coincidence) from the 70s in a garage. They manage to disassemble the wiper and remove it’s engine engine.

Now we just need to think of something that allows us to power the motor. This is easier, since these motors operate at 12V. A car battery charger or a computer power supply (type ATX) are perfect candidates and very easy to get anywhere. It seems that the “wiper washer” motor is set to be a good candidate.

On the other hand and with what we have learned so far in mind, we disassemble mixers, drills, etc. in parallel in order to have alternatives at hand.

At this point it was critical to contact a doctor again. Some doctors in quarantine but wanting to help gave us a few tips. A lot of harm can be done to a patient by giving him air with too much pressure. The margins are thin. The AMBU helps us overcome this challenge.

Another interesting thing to do, would be creating a way to adjust the breathing frequency. Working with a DC motor will make things easier in this regard. For now, to continue with the emergency solution accessible to everyone, we plan to adjust this parameter with the mechanical design.

In the end it seems like we have a motor and some ideas. As someone once said: Getting together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

Elbows for everyone !


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