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OxyGEN update, new version

In the last few days everything has gone very fast, we have received a lot of feedback and a lot of help that has allowed us to iterate versions at such a strong pace that we did not even have time to publish the manufacturing plans, which is a job that takes several hours so that it is well done.

Since the first version we published (V1) many things have happened, and now we are already on the fifth version (V5) which has the main changes:

- the possibility of easily changing the cams, to configure the rhythms of breaths for different types of patients

- the integration of a LED DIMMER that allows regulating the motor speed, so as not to depend on the parameters of each specific motor and to be able to adjust it to patient needs

- validated use of a simple PC power supply (ATX source, 12v)

- several hours of continuous operation, checking the durability of the system

In parallel to all this, on Friday we have already started to validate the prototype with medical professionals. Four hospitals in the Barcelona area have been progressively added to enrich the project, giving us very valuable feedback. Since Saturday we are doing validation tests with testing machinery in hospitals: they are complex issues, with many very fine parameters that we have to meet. Managing the CO2 that comes out of the patient is one of the key issues.

There has been an incredible and fantastic response from companies that offer us their help to produce this at scale, when we have positive results from hospital tests: we have Doga support for the engines, Seat for the engineering and production, Recam Laser for mechanical engineering and the metal chassis, Black Light for the LED Dimmer… THANK YOU all for the support, for the response, and for taking over to take the next step.

Having a version that can be mass produced forces us to create another design, more suitable for these manufacturing means: from now on, there will be 2 versions of OxyGEN:

- Version "M": easy to make by Makers, fablabs and prototyping workshops, buildable in wood or acrylic

- Version "P" for mass production in sheet metal, at industrial scales.


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