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Our mission is to offer a chance of survival to those who are denied access to an artificial ventilator due to shortage of supply or absence in remote areas.


To fulfill this mission, OxyGEN created an open hardware advanced mechanized resuscitator from AMBU that is, low cost, low tech (1), for emergency situations contributing to save lives”.

(1) Low tech: simple design and using technology that allows a simple construction process accessible to a great number of people; healthcare employees, makers, …

How it all began, the Problem

OxyGEN began in March 2020, in the midst of a health crisis caused by COVID-19. From, we read that one of the main problems in Italy was the lack of emergency automized ventilators for the patients, so we got working. 

As of today, the lack of automized ventilators is expected to be one of the most critical difficulties in ensuring the adequate treatment for the affected population during the evolution of this pandemic.

Our focus


Engineers all around the world are currently working on projects that provide solutions to this healthcare emergency. What sets OxyGEN apart from other similar projects is that it focuses on a low tech and open hardware approach.


  • OxyGEN is open hardware, we offer the downloadable project plans to the entire community for free worldwide.

  • We are low tech, we want to guarantee the correct operation of the device in emergency situations through the simplicity of the design and its components. The design is modular to make it easy to assemble.

  • We work with a double focus

    • A version that can be made by Makers, FabLabs and prototyping workshops that can be built in wood or methacrylate. We have had national and international requests. This version can be built in a few hours, without prior training or specialized tools. All parts are easy to get anywhere in the world. All that is necessary is a little ingenuity, a wiper motor, and a few other basic materials.

      • OxyGEN-M

    • A version available for mass production in sheet metal and industrial scale, this version has already been shared with various manufacturers to start production tests.

      • OxyGEN-P

  • We promote the use of salvaged parts such as windshield wipers from cars or small appliances. The idea is that anyone can build it.

  • OxyGEN is a collaborative project. Engineers from all different countries are contributing to the cause

“There were people that were working on very complex solutions, which required vast amounts of technology and that only people with an engineering background were able to construct. From the beginning our idea has always been to build something that could easily be replicated”, says Ignasi Plaza, co-founder of, alongside Lluís Rovira and Joan Guasch.

About PROTOFY.XYZ is a Barcelona based company, helping companies and research departments develop fast and high quality technological solutions. We excel at integrating both hardware (mechanical, electronics, electric, etc.) and software together. We have a multidisciplinary team, used to work collaboratively with customers. We do idea generation, rapid prototyping, testing and iteration, minimum viable product  and consulting.

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