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OxyGEN-IP Breathing

OxyGEN-IP (Insdustrial Production) helping our friend ken to breath

OxyGEN prototype V5

Oxygen tests its fifth and improved prototype on a ken. This new prototype has been modified in accordance with specifications given by medical staff at various hospitals around Barcelona.

Prototype v2 Hospital Clinic

Spirometry test and device introduction in the Barcelona Hospital Clinic. It seems that the device works even though it is still too soon and we have to perform more tests.

Prototype v2

Second prototype with a camshaft tree and speed control using a light dimmer. It works with a computer power source. The camshafts can be selected between 3 options: children, adults and seniors.

First prototype and inner workings

Video with close shots of how it works and parts of the first prototype made with wood and a fixed camshaft. The device does not use any electronics in order to work and uses a wiper motor from the 70's salvaged from an ambulance

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