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Warning: OxyGEN is not a medical device. Never use OxyGEN without medical supervision. 

Designed for mass production. A factory and metalworking skills are required to produce OxyGEN-IP.

If you are a big organization, government, university or corporation looking to build OxyGEN, this is the right version.

This version received approval from AEMPS in Spain to be used in clinical studies.


Designed for makers. No special tools are needed to build OxyGEN-M. 

If you are a maker, individual or small organisation trying to help in your local community, this is the right version.

This version can be built in acrylic or wood, using handsaws or CNC machines.


OxyGEN is an Open Source Hardware Project. Anyone can download it for free, or contribute its modifications or improvements. 

You can follow the project repository here:

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