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OxyGEN’s first 3 days

3 days ago, when we launched the project, we couldn’t have predicted the community’s response. At no point did we envision we would create such a large community and receive so much support from engineers, makers, sanitaries, etc … from all over the world and so fast.

Encouraged by the support we have been working on the next iteration, with an interchangeable camshaft. We are also building an acrylic prototype, much easier to sterilize:

To stay positive while working, we have filmed a teaser with the construction process:

We are deeply moved by the response we got from the community that formed around OxyGEN. And we wish to thank you.

Thanks to you this prototype is becoming a reality. Especially those who are starting to manufacture OxyGEN prototypes with various materials and those who are providing valuable information that has allowed us to improve the design.

Special thanks to:

If you want to collaborate as well, join us on:

You can also follow the project’s next steps on:

As Almacelles pirate says: Mi gente, no está de paso.


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