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Hello World

The OxyGEN project was born from a group of engineers locked up at home due to the pandemic situation caused by coronavirus. Seeing how hospitals are becoming more and more crowded and given the possibility that things could get worse, we have decided to start this project to try to make our contribution with what we do best: create prototypes from scratch in no time.

Motivated and concerned regarding the current situation and faced with a possible lack of access to breathing assistance machines, we headed to our workshop, collecting all the ideas we could find from other projects and trying to contribute with what we are best at: build something.

OxyGEN was born in the innovative environment of Barcelona. A city that some years ago brightened the world with the Olympic games that we all remember. A city in which after the cancelation of the MWC Mobile World Congress due to the coronavirus, enterprising people, like us, came together to create parallel events and promote networking.

We want to build an open project, where all the software, hardware and instructions are completely open and free. But we believe that this is not enough, and that OxyGEN must be able to be built with cheap parts anywhere in the world. Easy to get parts, reusing things that anyone has at their fingertips, even in an emergency situation in a remote place.

In emergency and shortage situations, access to technological products, specialized tools or complex parts can become challenging. The distribution chain could fail or the cost could simply be too high. We believe that ingenuity and giving a second use to daily objects, combined with global collaboration, can help us get out of this situation.

OxyGEN is currently a local project, asking for your help to develop it further, so that together, we do what is within our reach in these difficult times. We believe that the tiny actions that each of us can do individually, could multiply and end up helping the true heroes: the medical staff who, throughout the world, are fighting to save lives, despite the shortage, the emergency and the daily problems that they face.

As the song goes: YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

Elbows for everybody !


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