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Emergency ventilator

for COVID-19 crisis


Open Hardware

OxyGEN is an Open Hardware Project. Anyone can download the schematics and documentation to start building OxyGEN right now.

All the documentation and information needed to build OxyGEN is free and publicly available.


Download schematics

Production Ready

OxyGEN has been designed to be massively produced at industrial scale. Using only off the shelf parts and with a very simple and minimal design. 


OxyGEN can be constructed using CNC machines, Foldforming, or even handsaws. 

Community driven

Oxygen is powered by thousands of people and organizations around the world who contribute and build OxyGEN. 

Protofy.xyz leads the project and contributed all the designs, ideas and solutions that made OxyGEN possible.


Join us!

You can support OxyGEN

OxyGEN is an open hardware project launched by protofy.xyz. All the schematics and information is freely available, and we are coordinating efforts with more than 50 countries. We need your help to continue working on project and keeping OxyGEN free. 





OxyGEN is an emergency device designed to be built by anyone around the world. However, at planetary scales, the availability of tools, materials and industrial facilities varies from place to place.

There are 2 different versions of OxyGEN. The maker version "OxyGEN-M" and the industrial version "OxyGEN-IP".

OxyGEN-M is designed for makers and can be built using common tools and no special machinery or materials are needed. 

OxyGEN-IP is the version for industrial scale production. Foldforming metalworking machinery and engineering knowledge is needed to build OxyGEN-IP.

Always at the doctor's side

OxyGEN-IP has sucessfully passed clinical tests in vitro and in vivo.



OxyGEN-IP has received authorization from the AEMPS to be used in clinical investigation in Hospital Clinic and Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol.

Important notice

OxyGEN is not a certified medical device. Always use OxyGEN under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Incorrect use of the machine can result in serious injury or death. 


Help offers

If you think that you can directly help us for example by sending supplies,

technical support or something of that sort please fill the form!

For antything else...

If you want to get in touch with us for some other reason, please fill the contact form.


Please be aware that we might take some to time to reply, we are working hard on mass producing OxyGENs in Spain and that is taking much of our time right now.

Also, you can join us at our chat


Celia Díaz-Pardo

LF Channel – Barcelona

616 40 9876


Estela Cayón
LF Channel - Madrid
627 75 24 38